Walter ‘Edy’ Tavares, Cape Verdean pivot of the Real Madrid, appealed to the team spirit and the precedents – “we already won this season at the Palau and we can repeat” -, to win in Barcelona and that there is “another final in Madrid; there is no other”.

“We have one more chance to fight and there is no other”, Tavares said in a telematic press conference before the second game of the final playoff of the League, in which the Barça he won the first game and recovered the home court factor.

“With the best-of-three playoffs, things change a lot, because now it is much more difficult. They beat us and there is not much more to say “, pointed the pivot of 2.21 meters.

We already won this season at the Palau and we can repeat so that there is another final in Madrid, there is no other

Edy Tavares (Real Madrid player)

In the first game, Madrid held out until the break and then Barça’s physique prevailed. “We try to play our best and give our best. There are no excuses for being tired because of how long and difficult the season has been. They won and now we have to try to do the same there, “he observed.

Regarding the keys to the second game, Tavares opted to “match the physique of the Barça, do your best and, above all, hold out at the start of the third quarter so they don’t go on the scoreboard. “

The player was asked if Madrid had that extra they need to give to win. “It is always possible to give a little more. Sometimes it works out well and sometimes it turns out badly.. But we want to have the possibility of playing another final at home, “he said.”We have survived very difficult moments this season and that gives us confidence as a team.“he added.

We have survived very difficult moments this season and that gives us confidence as a team.

Edy Tavares (Real Madrid player)

He also commented Tavares the ovation he received Pau Gasol in the presentation of the match: “Pau and Nadal are two of the greatest athletes of all time in Spain and it is normal to be greeted with applause. It is the least that should be done for everything they have done in their careers, “he said.

The protests to the referees also weighed down Madrid’s game. “We must forget about the referees and focus on our own, in trying to do the best things possible “, settled the pivot.

Regarding the connection with Vincent Poirier, the player described it as “very good”. “We got on very well. Vincent has improved his game a lot and his outside well as his low post game, so can play ‘4’ and that we increase the height of our quintet, “he concluded.

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