Lto regular phase of the ACB The weekend ended, leaving behind a range of images and sensations that were as opposed as they were shocking. From the euphoria of Bilbao to achieve permanence, comparable to that of the Gran canaria to qualify for the playoffs, to the sorrow of the students after consummating its descent, passing for the uneasiness of Unicaja, out of the title fight eight seasons later.

What is certain is that nothing that happened is the result of chance. After a season of eight months and 36 days, the League always ends up putting everyone in their place, rewarding positive trends and solidity and mercilessly penalizing irregularity and bad dynamics.

Playoffs from next week they will be another story, but the regular League X-ray does not deceive.

A superlative Madrid

The Madrid finishes as leader (34-2) with record of victories in the history of the ACB (94.4%) and also of away wins (0-18). His has been an exercise in commendable resilience. He endured the march of Campazzo and Deck to the NBA, the injuries of Randolph, Thompkins and Tavares …

His track record has been impeccable. “I have to congratulate the team for being leaders in such a strange season”Laso says. “This speaks highly of the team, I am very proud of them.”

Not even super Barcelona has been able to hunt them down. The azulgranas they end with the best attack (87.8) and the best defense (72.8) and they are, if the whites do not prevent it, the great favorites for the title in a campaign in which the field factor, due to the restrictions of the pandemic, will have little impact.

The Lenovo is a great

Also outstanding is the campaign of the Lenovo Tenerife (27-9). With Shermadini and Huertas As lighthouses, Txus Vidorreta has made theirs compete face to face with the big boys with much less resources. Signed a spectacular start of the league (12-1), and Baskonia, Barcelona and Madrid are the only teams that he has not been able to sink his teeth into. But it has nothing to envy them in competitiveness. The surprise to Valencia and Baskonia is no accident.

Euroleague toll

Valencia (24-12) and Baskonia (23-13) They have paid the toll of their irregularity, and that of the Euroleague, in which they focused their efforts to enter the playoffs, something that in the end they did not achieve and weighed in the domestic competition.

To the Valencia penalized his bad start, with six defeats in 11 games, and the pothole he had in March with five trips in six games, but they have finished on the rise with seven wins in the last eight games that have allowed him to tie the home court factor in the quarterfinals. And they will have support from the public.

They will see with a Baskonia that showed a good trend until March (19-5), before going into a spin with eight losses in 12 games. Vildoza’s injuries and departure to the NBA weighed him down, and the covid-19 left them without rhythm at the end of the regular league, ending with three losses in a row.

Well Burgos and La Penya

The Burgos, by the hand of Peñarroya, is consolidated in the noble zone. After a fantastic start (16-6 until March) it went from more to less (the effort to win the FIBA ??Champions surely influenced) adding six defeats in the last eight games.

Also notable is the season of Joventut by Carles Duran, what closes the regular league with four wins in the last six games, although his bulky defeat on the last day against Bilbao (94-73) squeaked a bit. Surely they will have few friends left at the Estudiantes.

The Gran Canaria got into extremis in the playoffs. The club had patience with Porfirio Fisac ??after a dire start to season (10 defeats in 12 games) and his last two months have been brilliant with nine wins in 12 games that will allow him to be in the fight for the title.

Malaga disappointment

Andorra and Manresa prowled close to the playoffs, the Andorrans did indeed have options until the final day, but they weighed their four losses in the last six games.

The biggest disappointment was starred by Unicaja, who is out of the playoffs for the first time since 2013. He bottomed out from December to January with eight defeats in nine games and the arrival of Fotis Katsikaris to the bench to replace Luis Casimiro it was not enough to reverse the trend and banish the irregularity.

In crops of nobody

TO Saragossa arrived precisely Luis Casimiro, third tenant on the bench this season after the passage of Diego Ocampo and Sergio Hernández. The Argentine improved somewhat the bad start (4-12), but after six defeats in a row he was replaced in April by the technician from La Mancha, who achieved a positive balance (4-3), but insufficient to reach the playoffs.

He also flew on UCAM Murcia by Sito Alonso. Between the end of the year and March they sank with 10 losses in 11 games, but have had a great finish with eight wins in the last 12 games.

The drama of descent

Obradoiro, Fuenlabrada and Betis fled in time of burning. Also Álex Mumbrú’s Bilbao, winning three of their last seven games. Students did not, who lost their last nine games, nor Acunsa, with a win in the last 12. Both will have to go through the purgatory of the LEB for not doing their homework on time.

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