Lhe Fundación Basket Zaragoza and the association El Basket es Vida presented the new decoration of the Maternal and Child Hospital of Zaragoza that they have carried out jointly. A space dedicated to basketball and our city, designed to make the stay of children and their families more pleasant in this center of the Miguel Servet Hospital that celebrates half a century of life.

After the brilliant initiative of El Basket es Vida and its call to the Basket Zaragoza Foundation to develop this action together, a small contribution that both organizations have wanted to give to a territory in which the little ones live the least moments finally comes to light. kind of their lives. The collaboration between the two has served to decorate the space where pediatric palliative care, child and adolescent mental health, neurophysiology, neuropediatrics and oncopediatrics are located, as well as PAC Pediatric and Maternity emergencies.

Surprised faces have populated the area with the first visitors, thanks to designs full of light, color and positive energy flavored with basketball and with Zaragoza and its skyline always present, with the desire to sweeten the trance and draw smiles from young patients, with the presence on one of the walls of Casademont Zaragoza’s mascot, Link, offering his most sympathetic and friendly profile.

Many firms involved in this solidarity action

An initiative in which the firms that have intervened in the decoration have also been jointly involved: from the digital printing of the designs and their installation by Moldiber, the electricity from Echeman and the final painting by the graffiti artists Barok, Buke and Bhur to give it the urban touch to the place. This project has been carried out with the contributions of the Basket Zaragoza Foundation from the solidarity Christmas rake and from the donations of our subscribers for the parties not seen by the pandemic last season, to which we can add the donation of 2,000 from Paula Mateos (@ paula_mateos90), by winning two awards at the OpositaTest Awards.

It may be a grain of sand, but anything that serves to draw a look of joy or a smile from the children in this place already meets our expectations.

Fernando Ramiro (Director of the Basket Zaragoza Foundation)

Fernando Ramiro, counselor of the Basket Zaragoza Foundation, has shown his satisfaction with the final result in the first visit to the Hospital with the new decoration. “It is a contribution from our club and its subscribers in which the protagonists are the boys and girls,” he says, satisfied. “It may be a grain of sand, but anything that serves to draw a look of joy or a smile from them in this place, already meets our expectations,” he says, highlighting the will towards the little ones. “Our Foundation has its raw material in childhood. We dedicate our sports efforts to them, but there are other aspects that are just as important, with which we try to give back to society what sport has put us within reach,” he says. “It is something that is part of our corporate DNA.”

For his part, Alberto Béjar, face and visible voice of El Basket es Vida, wanted to thank the help and work of all the people involved in this project: «From Carmen Sánchez, to the rest of the Hospital staff, to the Basket Foundation Zaragoza, Moldiber, Echeman and the graffiti artists Barok, Buke and Bhur », he lists. “I am very excited with the result of the reform,” he confesses, satisfied with the result of the effort made. “It is worth all the time and energy that we have invested; I have no doubt that it is a resounding Yes. Just to get a smile from a child when seeing this corridor and to be able to clear the minds of the parents for a minute brightening their wait in the hospital, it will have been a success. ” Because seen the final result, this corner of the Children’s Hospital breathes life and basketball.

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