ANDhe Río Breogán lifted its thirteenth Basketball Galicia Cup on Saturday against Monbus Obradoiro (76-82), a test between the two Galician teams from the Endesa League three weeks away from the start of the season.

The people of Lugo want to return to the ACB with force and, after beating Bilbao Basket in the first friendly, marked by the losses of the Basques, they also took the second, which had all the faces.

Despite the defeat, the player of the Santiago team Laurynas Birutis was the most valued in the final (23) and Anthoney Bell-Haynes stood out on the Lugo side along with Dzanan Musa, who contributed 17 points.

Monbus Obradoiro started better, reaching nine up in the first quarter, but Breogán reacted, reached four points at the end of that period and neutralized the score in the second to reach 35-35 at halftime.

The people from Santiago were unable to counteract the progression of Paco Olmos’s men, who moved away from the A Malata pavilion in Ferrol in the electronic mail.

Moncho Fernández’s players squeezed in the last quarter and reached four points with a minute and a half from the end, but his rival held the pulse, Oliver missed a triple and the Galician Cup fell to the Breoganista side against the team he was defending qualification.

Data sheet:

76-Monbus Obradoiro: Zurbriggen (4), Birutis (15), Robertson (11), Álvaro Muñoz (2), Álex Suárez (6) -starting five-, Scrubb (7), Okouo (4), Oliver (10), Beliauskas (12) and Filipovity (5).

82-Breogán River: Kalinosky (6), Dzanan Musa (17), Lukovic (7), Kevin Larsen (-), Erik Quintela (5) -starting five- Bell-Haynes (12), Kacinas (3), Mahalbasic (10), Iván Cruz (7), Sergio Quintela (2) Sollazo (2) and Arteaga (11).

Referees: Jacobo Rial, Pérez Pérez and Carlos Cortés (Galicia).

Incidents: Match played at the A Malata pavilion, in Ferrol.