It was the last of the milestones that he needed to achieve. Avenue Perfumeries in national competition. 10 Cup titles, 9 Super Cup titles, 1 Euroleague… and they already have 8 League championships, equaling the record of Ciudad Ros Casares.

The girls from Salamanca premiered their record at the 2005/06 season defeating FC Barcelona, ??before the time of dominance of Ros Casares. The perfume companies managed to win the 2010/11 final against the Valencians in a glorious season in which they also won the Euroleague.

In 2012/13 came the third, with Rivas Ecopolis as rival, and after two lost finals, came the ‘three peat’ in 2016, 17 and 18 (all three with Spar Girona as finalist). The seventh was achieved last season, with Valencia BC as a rival.

With this eighth League, the Perfumeries Avenida equals Ros Casares Valencia, and is placed ahead of historical players like Creff Madrid (7), Dorna Godella (6) and Celta de Vigo (5). On the contrary, Valencia BC ends the season with the Super Cup and European Super Cup titles, and second place in the LF Endesa.