ANDhe Obradoiro sealed his stay with the 83-94 victory against Movistar Estudiantes who failed to make the most of the great match of Aleksa Avramovic and Ángel Delgado.

With this victory, Urbas Fuenlabrada and Coosur Betis were also saved, while the relegation was limited to three teams, Estudiantes, Bilbao and GBC.

Ángel Delgado and Kassius Robertson were the clear protagonists of the first half, especially in the first quarter. The collegiate pivot was the locals’ greatest threat with 10 points in the first act, while the Galician base scored 11 in the same period with three triples without failure.

Students began sending on the scoreboard, but Obra’s 7 triples, of 12 attempts, allowed him to close the first act with 19-25 in his favor.

In the second quarter, Estudiantes could not shake off the weight of responsibility and Obradoiro gradually dominated the game, now with Mike Daum as the most inspired scorer.

Aleksa Avramovic’s improvement and Delgado’s points were not enough to reduce the difference, but above all, at no time did Estudiantes give the feeling of having clear ideas, so the break was 37-44.

The schoolboys came out much better after the break and with Delgado and Avramovic they managed to get ahead on the scoreboard, 48-47 (m.23.15) after an 11-3 run.

Robertson and Albert Oliver returned the Obra to blue numbers, 52-56 (m.25), but with a hyperactive Avramovic the scoreboard moved on narrower spreads.

At the end of the third quarter, 63-67, the first quarter for the locals by 26-23, and everything to be decided.

With Avramovic capitalizing on the entire collegiate attack, Obradoiro continued to dominate the scoreboard thanks to his outside game, 71-76 (m.35).

The Galician team handled the situation better in a few minutes in which the responsibility and pressure for the locals were impossible to overcome, 76-84 (m.37).

José Juan Barea capitalized on the last offensive minutes, but Obradoiro endured and sealed his stay with the 83-94 victory. Students sinks a little more and Urbas Fuenlabrada and Betis are also saved.

Data sheet:

83 – Movistar Students (19 + 18 + 26 + 20): Barea (12), Avramovic (32), Brown (5), Djurisic (2) and Delgado (20) – starting five – Sola, Laksa (3), Cvetkovic (5), Arteaga (2) and Sakic (2).

94 – Mombus Obradoiro (25 + 19 + 23 + 27): Ozmizrak (7), Robertson (31), Czerapowicz (7), Suárez (5) and Enoch (11) – starting five – Oliver (7), Beliauskas, Daum (16), Cohen (8) and Muñoz (2).

Referees: Juan Carlos García, Rafael Serrano and Joaquín García. Without eliminated.

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 36 of the Endesa League played behind closed doors at the Palacio de Deportes (WiZink Center) in Madrid. A minute of silence was observed as a tribute to Fernando Martínez Arroyo, an institution of the collegiate club who died this past Saturday.