This season she has been one of the players with the most minutes (23 per game), maintaining similar records to the first season in LF2. The 20/21 scored 6.2 points per game and was one of the outstanding team leaders in rebounds (6.4 per game). In addition, she was the third most valued player on the team (7.8 per game).

Thus, the GEiEG will be able to count on one of its key pieces. His dedication and leadership both on and off the court is an example for all the players on the base.

Statements Vane González:

“After a different and difficult season for everyone, I face this season with great desire to compete as normally as possible”
“This year we have an important change, which is the coach. But surely he will give us a new look and benefit us”
“We have important casualties, but we will maintain the desire and enthusiasm as always, competing to the fullest”