Muñoz began by talking about the renewal of subscriptions for the 2022-2023 season and has asked the subscribers for a vote of confidence. This morning the club announced that the subscription renewal for next season is beginning and that it maintains the prices of last season, which will be 10% cheaper than for future new subscribers. Within this subscription renewal campaign, he has also highlighted new advantages that they will have; visit to the facilities, open door training for season ticket holders, VIP experience at a match, Christmas match (staff/press/sponsors/season ticket holders), discounts on club and sponsor sports equipment and a signed poster.

Another of the points that Muñoz discussed in the press conference was the rapprochement and proposals that the club is carrying out with different grassroots basketball teams in the province. The club is offering specific sponsorship for clubs that are interested in being part of the Gipuzkoa Basket family. In this sense, they not only focus on the clubs being able to adopt the Gipuzkoa Basket naming, but also cover other areas such as modernization for coaches and teams, participation in special training sessions in Illunbe…

Finally, it has been announced that an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting will be convened in July to approve the capital increase that the club wants to undertake. The idea is to reach €450,000. The share prices will be €10 and 45,210 new shares will come out. The capital increase would take place in the months of July to October