The Avenue Perfumeries He got the first point of the final by winning at Würzburg last Sunday. This Thursday, La Fonteta hosts the second match that could either be definitive for the Azulonas to reach their ninth title in their history, or else give the Taronja team a new opportunity by forcing the third clash in which the two teams would arrive on equal terms. terms.

from the season 08/07, the final of the LF Endesa is decided in a three-game tie in which, according to history, winning the first game becomes a determining factor. Thus, in eleven of the thirteen finals that have been disputed with this format, the champion has ended up being that team that rises in the first match.

A statistic in favor of Perfumerías Avenida but which, like any rule, has its exception and that is the 07/08 academic year in which the Ros Casares he turned the tie around by winning the last two games against his own team from Salamanca. The other most recent example is that of last year and is that the taronja managed to win the first game, but the azulón team was able to reverse the situation and become champion by winning the second and third. Thus, the Valencia Basketball He will try to repeat the feat of his countrywomen and for this he will have to imitate the comeback that led the azulón team to the title last year.

By forcing this third clash, the team led by Rubén Burgos would be managing to distort one more statistic, and that is that the usual thing is that the final ends in two matches. Nine of the last thirteen champions they managed to lift the center in the second match, the most even finals being those of the courses 07/08, 15/16, 16/17 and 20/21.