The National Team is picking up the rhythm of concentration after carrying out its first training sessions in Melilla. There are many objectives of these days of work and among them the preparation for the Melilla tournament in which Spain will act as host before Italy (June 1) and Belgium (June 3).

However, there are many other reasons why this Road To The Future Tour is essential. The National Coach Miguel Mendez and the player Leticia Romerohave valued in media attention the course of the concentration and the future intentions of this team.

Miguel Méndez: “Our primary goal is to prepare for the November matches”

“We bring a primary objective to Melilla, which is to prepare for the November Window games and to prepare well for a game that will be decisive for us for EuroBasket 2023”, said the Galician coach in relation to the match that Spain will play against Hungary in that classification.
“We are not going to be in this 2022, but Spanish basketball has to be in all the big events and indeed that EuroBasket 2023 is, it is a qualifying tournament for the Olympics so we prepare the match against Hungary with all the interest”, has added.
Méndez hopes that the people of Melilla will mobilize for the matches on Wednesday, June 1 (Italy) and Friday, June 3 (Belgium), since “they are very important”, because they will serve to try new things for that month of November .

“Belgium is a medalist team in the last tournaments they have played and Italy is a group under construction with a very athletic basketball that has also had many successes in recent years”, he pointed out.

Leticia Romero: “It is a key concentration to create the team that we all want”

The foreign player Leticia Romero has indicated that the group feels “very eager and excited”, since returning to the National Team is always “a reason for joy”. For Romero, the absence of an official championship makes this concentration “key”, since it will serve to “create the team that we all want in the future”.

According to the Gran Canaria player, in the Melilla Tournament there will be “very competitive matches” with two very powerful rivals. “These are two important starting points to see how the team is doing, we really want to show a happy game, we always try to be at our best and that’s what we want to do here, we really want to fill the pavilion, surely the people of Melilla will not It will disappoint us,” he added.

The two matches played by the Spanish National Team can be followed live on Telesport. Equally, the tickets to enjoy the entire tournament can be purchased through this link. On Thursday, June 2, the other two participating teams, Italy and Belgium, will face each other completing the triangle.

After these games, the Road to the Future Tour will continue in Guadalajara starting June 10. The finishing touch will be the dispute over the Italy tournamentin which the National Team will play against the hosts and Slovenia.