Four heats for the best of three games and, at stake, four tickets to the semifinals. The Playoffs for the title will begin in an exciting way this Friday, citing on the floor the eight best teams of a stellar season and that they will now seek the best finishing touch with the fight for promotion.

CHRONICLES: Real Murcia conquers in Ourense the last place for promotion

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Once the 2020/21 Regular League has concluded, the LEB Oro will start its Playoffs for the title this Friday in which we will meet the champion of the season, a team that must overcome three best-of-three games and in which the team that achieve six victories will be the one who can be promoted to the Endesa League. A path that will run from May 21 to June 19 and that has confirmed today both its confrontations and dates and times of play.


QUARTERS OF FINAL: From May 21 to 29

C1: Covirán Granada (1st) vs Real Murcia Basketball (1st F.Per)
J.1: Saturday 22 – 20: 30h | J.2: Wednesday 26 – Pending hour | J.3: Saturday 29 – Pending hour

C2: Río Breogán (2nd) vs Palmer Alma Mediterránea (7th)
J.1: Saturday 22 – 19: 00h | J.2: Wednesday 26 – 20: 30h | J.3: Saturday 29 – 19: 00h

C3: TAU Castelló (3rd) vs HLA Alicante (6th)
J.1: Saturday 22 – 19: 30h | J.2: Wednesday 26 – 20: 45h | J.3: Saturday 29 – 19: 30h

C4: Leyma Coruña (4th) vs Liberbank Oviedo (5th)
J.1: Friday 21 – 20: 00h | J.2: Tuesday 25 – 19: 00h | J.3: Friday 28 – 20: 00h

* Qualifiers for the best of three games

SEMIFINALS: From June 1 to 9

S1: Winner C1 vs Winner C4

S2: Winner C2 vs Winner C3

FINAL: From June 11 to 19

F: Winner S1 vs Winner S2