The Road To The Future Tour continues with a week of work in Guadalajara. The National Team has met after a few days of rest after their successful stay in Melilla. In the first session of the week, the team received a visit from the Secretary of State for Sport, Jose Manuel Franco. The president of the Spanish Basketball Federation, Jorge Garbajosaand the mayor of Guadalajara, Albert Redhave also attended the training.

José Manuel Franco: “Basketball has to be the figurehead of Spanish women’s sport”

The president of the Higher Sports Council declared that it is “a pleasure” to accompany the Women’s National Team, a team that he has always carried “in his heart”. “We are making a great effort for Spanish women’s sport and basketball has to be our figurehead for the successes it has given us and will continue to give us, they deserve all our support”, he added.

Jorge Garbajosa: “Today is a symbolic gesture”

The president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, thanked the welcome that Guadalajara always gives to the Selections and highlighted as “a symbolic gesture”, the visit of the president of the CSD. “When you knock on a door and at least they always listen to you and almost always a work plan is agreed upon, you feel very good. Today is a symbolic marvel. The affection in success is real but today it shows us at a time when something is being built, not from scratch, but creating something for the future, so we can only say thank you and let it serve to continue working”.

Alberto Rojo: “It is a pride for the city of Guadalajara”

The mayor of Guadalajara pointed out that it is “a pride that a National Team prepares its next matches in Guadalajara, before I spoke of the Guadalajara spirit, which will surely bring good luck to the Women’s National Team. We put everything we have at the disposal of the sport but we also have a lot of basketball tradition”.

The 14 players will work until Friday in the town of La Mancha and then leave for Italy to play the Cividale International Tournament. Thus, Spain will face two new tests before Slovenia on Saturday June 18 (7:00 p.m.) and against Italy on Sunday 19 (7:00 p.m.). Both games can be followed live on Teledeporte.