In the press room of the José Zorrilla stadium and accompanied by Alejandro García Pellitero, President of the Club, and by David Espinar, Director of the Presidency Cabinet of Real Valladolid CF, Paco García appeared before the media after his renewal as head of UEMC Real Valladolid, which he will direct during the 2022/2023 season, with the option to also do so during 2023/2024.

David Espinar was in charge of opening the appearance and showing what it means for Real Valladolid CF to have his figure. “This club is proud because it is one more stone in the construction of an exciting season in football and basketball. We are pleased to know that the project can bring people together. Thanks to Paco García for having us. We are very proud to have him for another year.”

Next, Alejandro García Pellitero ratified that happiness that the Valladolid coach’s continuity at the head of his city’s team represents. “It had very interesting offers, other different challenges, but thank you for choosing this, a small, humble Club, which turns seven years old on June 18, of which you have shared three and a half of them. Thank you for helping us grow, with you and your demands. With that daily fight you help us to be better, your more than 30 years as a coach in many countries and categories have helped us to improve, grow and correct mistakes. The president of Real Valladolid Basketball also thanked the RVCF for holding the appearance in the press room at the José Zorrilla stadium, “ratifying the union between both sections”.

After both introductions, Paco García, the protagonist of Tuesday morning, took the floor and offered his personal feelings and about the blanquivioleta project.

“It has not been difficult to agree because we speak the same language of ambition. I think all parties are happy to continue. I am at home, at my Club, surrounded and very much accompanied by the other great dream of my life, which is Real Valladolid CF. It is a renovation that invites us all to dream, to think that we can be ambitious and that, in a short, long or medium term, I don’t know, we can think of returning Valladolid basketball to where it should never have lost, the highest category. We are the only elite team in Valladolid that is not in that division and that is the goal”, acknowledged the UEMC Real Valladolid Basketball coach.

“My representative tells me about the possibilities that exist to be able to leave and I have always told him that the best place where he could be is in Valladolid. From there, the agreement has been very fast. In my career, this has been the 36th season in a row in professional basketball, I have shot a lot in Spain and abroad with good results, but in the end, your city is your city. I am very proud to belong to the Club that was founded with the enthusiasm of many people and we have defended it being inside and outside, excited about giving another boost. We are not going to be able to compete with next season’s ocean liners, but at least be close and be able to give a surprise”, continued Paco García.

Regarding the next season, the Blanquivioleta coach stated that the entire process is already underway and in full swing from minute zero. “We have been working on it since the morning after losing the fourth to Movistar Estudiantes. There we go hand in hand in sports, we have designed what we would like to have, planned with the organization area, the board, with Álex and Saúl. What we intend is to improve both structurally and even at the level of furniture within the pavilion. And I have to thank the RVCF because the idea of ??improving changing rooms, of physio, comes more from them than from us. I think we can grow by bringing together many of the ideas that football can bring us and that basketball can bring to the fore. It is very important and I think that the ambition to be able to grow and improve, as we want the technical staff next season. David Espinar has very good ideas to make the show a little better, also with the City Council improvements. I believe in a more competitive team and that we can grow”.

Asked about a possible departure in the middle of the season, Paco García stated that his idea is to continue at the Club, at his Club. “It is a clause that already existed this season and I was interested in including it, I am from Valladolid. If at the end of next season we are not happy, what need is there to tie up? We reached an agreement and so friends. If I have the possibility that a Euroleague team comes to look for me, the board will say “go ahead”. We do not close the door to anything, but to remain united, if everything continues normally, if everything happens, we will continue. But leaving the door open, if it doesn’t happen, at least have a little crack. Among people who speak the same language, from the first moment with Álex and Saúl we have known each other for a long time, also with Matt and David we have connected frankly well. We can all be calm, I want to do well and face a season with guarantees and I am sure that, at the end of May, we will talk about the season being a success”.

Likewise, Paco García, with his continuity at the head of UEMC RV Baloncesto, extends his career on the bench and, specifically, in that of the Valladolid team. I don’t know Gustavo Aranzana or Mario Pesquera how long they were, the two icons of leading the city team. In my four stages I add many games in ACB, LEB Oro and LEB Plata. I’m not one to hold onto places. My record is five seasons in a row and then eight at Breogán. This is the fourth stage in Valladolid, I’m not one to hold on, three years ago it was clear to me that it was time to stop and so we did. I’m not one to direct 25 years in the same league.”

Asked about the relationship between the RVCF and RV Baloncesto, Paco García ratified the good harmony between all the parties and how that union can grow and improve. “Football money belongs to football and we have to learn to generate it, and that is where they have to teach us many things. Looking ahead to the season ticket campaign they are going to take on a greater role and they are going to guide us in that obsession we have of having 2,000 paying subscribers. In private sponsorship we are one of the best in the competition, but we need the regular season ticket holder, who is going to be beaten for having a seat in Zorrilla, we open the possibility of having him in Pisuerga. There is concern, since the pandemic we have noticed that we have become more comfortable, we have everything on TV, but we have to try to recover the return to basketball, the atmosphere of the pavilion, that social act of coming to basketball.

As if that were not enough, this year the LEB Oro will once again take a step forward, as Paco García made clear to the media. “This year is going to smell like ACB. Burgos and Andorra have gone down, Cantabria has gone up, also Ourense, plus those of us who have spent time in the ACB cities. You can see something tremendously attractive and where much more basketball is played than the one played above, where you see players who are specialists in their position, but in the LEB Oro everything is much more open. This weekend’s Final Four is going to be a top-level show in basketball”.

Football and basketball, hand in hand

Finally, David Espinar gave a series of brushstrokes about what is expected from the union between football and basketball, in addition to what the continuity of Paco García on the UEMC RV Basketball bench implies. “They share everything that is football. There is a schedule of various performances. One is the subscriber campaign, another is the presentation of shirts, and as a result of that schedule we will see the change of shield. We want to provide the information in a slow way so as not to run over the subscribers and the processes are going to be given little by little imminently because the preseason has new kits and subscribers. But basketball is going to share everything that has to do with the RVCF”.