Nogaye Lo (nineteen ninety six), Paula ginzo (1998) and Rachel Carrera (2001) share a position within the area of ??the Women’s National Team and at the same time, they agree that they are part of a new generation of players who are exciting. Having reached the National Team supposes that they are already a reality of our basketball, but we must not forget their youth and how much they can progress in the coming years.

The Mallorcan adds it 14 caps. The first was in 2015 and since then a player has been seen “different inside the track”. Paula Ginzo accumulates 6 caps, his debut was in 2018 and since then, he has not stopped “Be in sponge mode”To learn from her peers. Carrera added his first two caps last weekend and it is also clear that for now, his is based “to learn from all the teammates and coaches”.

They share youth and position but they develop differently on the court. Each one of them contributes in concrete aspects. Ginzo is “a warrior, gives everything on track”Says Lo about his teammate and teammate last season. “Raquel is a smart aunt, she reads the game very well and always looks for the extra pass”, Ginzo analyzes about a career that describes Nogaye Lo as an interior“very talented who worked very hard to get here”.

All three show great maturity which is undoubtedly one of the reasons why they already caress the top of Spanish and European basketball. Their philosophies are similar and are based on always demanding a little more self, learn from mistakes and keep your feet on the ground despite the successes have occurred from the training categories.