FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, and Molten, the world’s leading manufacturer of basketballs competition, have unveiled the official ball to be used during the FIBA World Cup (August 30-September 14) in Spain.

“The ball is unique because it integrates the look and feel of the tournament. Gives life to the logo of the tournament. You can see it hands symbolizing the players fighting for the ball. Bright colors are best represented the championship. We are extremely grateful to Molten for helping in the development of this product. It is resulted from a large sponsorship that we enjoy more than 30 years. “

“For the first time in history, the official ball of the World Cup game features a unique design and are pleased to be the ones who give it such a prestigious event. Guided by our motto ‘For the real game’, Molten is committed to produce the best products and satisfy the expectations of the global community of basketball “

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