ANDhe Basketball Fuenlabrada informs this Monday that the Urbas company has unilaterally decided to stop being its sponsor, but that it will demand with “a notarial request” the payment of the “backlog pending to be paid”, as well as “important sums collected in the contract in the remaining months of validity “, until the end of the 2022/2023 season.

“Basketball Fuenlabrada SAD has recently received notification from Grupo Financiero Urbas SA in which the latter expresses its unilateral intention to end the sponsorship relationship between both entities,” explains the club.

“Our club wants to publicly express its deep discomfort at this situation given that the contract signed last year extends until the end of the 2022/2023 season”, so it is “fully in force and there is no reason for its resolution. to Basketball Fuenlabrada SAD “, adds the Madrid entity.

And it affirms that “if it continues in this way, Urbas would cause an obvious economic damage” to the entity, “since there are amounts in arrears pending to be paid (more than 225,000 euros), as well as important sums collected in the contract in the remaining months of validity of the same “.

“Given this, the Fuenlabrada Basketball has made a notarial request requesting the immediate payment of the amounts pending payment. In addition, we have transferred to Urbas our willingness to negotiate regarding the remaining seasons of the contract before going to court”, affirms the club.