The five players of the first female squad who will start the preseason this Monday have already undergone the traditional medical check-ups. Anna Gómez, Lorena Segura, Leticia Romero and Marie Gülich were the first to pass them. The new addition Ángela Salvadores was the last to do so, ready to join the team in the first training sessions. The rest of the players – Gil, Ouviña, Casas, Carrera, Allen and Trahan-Davis – will pass them as they arrive before joining the rest of the group.

The medical examinations that the players pass in the Sports Medicine Unit of the IMSKE Hospital include a series of analytical, functional measurements, sports performance and stress tests, as well as a complete medical examination and anthropometric and nutritional assessment to detect risk factors in the player on whom to work to prevent the occurrence of possible injuries and optimize their performance.

The medical examination begins with a thorough medical history that focuses on a personal and family history of possible heart disease, cardiovascular symptoms, and a detailed physical examination. Subsequently, a resting electrocardiogram, an echocardiogram, and a stress test with gas consumption (ergospirometry) are performed.