La CBA has opened the door to the digital world and fully entered it, the metaverse, launching a mobile application that promises to be a whole revolution. In a few words, it is an Augmented Reality (AR) game, based on the Endesa League, a game that breathes basketball. But behind this project in which the CBA has been working for more than a year and a half, there is much more.

Since the creation of the Pokemon Go mobile game, many AR games have appeared that have had varying success among users. ACB Districtwhich is the name of the one that was presented this Thursday in Madrid, is the first with a basketball theme.

ACB District it has all the ingredients to captivate AR game lovers and also to excite the most demanding basketball fans. It won’t disappoint you. The application is much more than a game, connecting the digital with the physical with continuous interactions with the real world through geolocation, missions, activations in other environments such as pavilions, events, challenges, etc…

Antonio Martín, president of the ACB, in the presentation of the ACB District.
Antonio Martín, president of the ACB, in the presentation of the ACB District.ACB Photo – J Pelegrin.

What the ACB has to do is adapt to everything that entertainment means. We know that basketball is our thing and that all the habits of entertainment consumers are changing. What we are trying to do is adapt and give them a much greater range of content”, said the president of the ACB, Anthony Martinin the ACB District presentation.

In the game that can now be obtained for Android, the user must collect cards from the ACB players, play with them against other users and complete missions in order to win rewards with which to buy, always virtually, improvements for their avatar or power-ups for your letters. The game is based on the concept Play2Earnthat is to improve with your skill in the game by winning challenges and completing missions, but, unlike other games, run away from the pay-to-win– You cannot advance with real money or credit cards as there are no in-app purchases. You have to play, that is, have fun, in order to get better at the game.

Many things are already happening in the ACB Districtbut many more will happen in the future”, said Antonio Martín. And, as the ACB explained, the application will be adapted with much more content as it is introduced to fans. Interaction with users will be fundamental.

The application, based on ‘blockchain’ or block chain technology, will allow fans to obtain letters from their players in the pavilions themselves, making attending a basketball game take on a new dimension.

This will be a different district that has to accommodate a lot of entertainment and options for people to feel part of this. It has to generate a community, but not just one, but many different communities,” he said Jose Miguel CallejaCEO of the ACB.

But Distrito ACB is not only a game, but a meeting point for fans of the Endesa League because you can get the jerseys of the teams in the competition, including the commemorative ones, or you can enjoy the videos of the players that we are achieving, as well as follow the news of the League.

ACB Districtcan now be downloaded for free for Android and very soon it will also be available for download on IOS.