There will be few occasions in which they have been able to read or hear this year that the game of Breogán River suffers of “Larsen dependency”. A term coined at the beginning of the season given the importance that the Danish player has acquired in the schemes of Diego epifanio and that it has been reinforcing its main idea over the last few weeks.

Because this rocky interior has been the true offensive engine of a team from which it acts as the main concern of rival scouts. A man against whom the pivots of the Palmer Mediterranean Soul in the first round and before which the HLA Alicante he was overwhelmed in the last round.

All this thanks to its incredible ability to penetrate the rival ring, a condition that earned him his arrival in Spain three years ago and that he has completed with a greater throw range, toyes as with one great pass capacity that make him an even more fearsome player.

But … How can you contain that player who has been able to dominate the competition from start to finish?

His first coaches in Spain, as well as five of the pivots who have tried it throughout this season with greater or lesser success, provide us with some of the keys with which to try to stop a player accustomed to setting the times.

The evolution according to its technicians:

They were the first to guide him during his first games in Spain two years ago, those in charge of maturing his game last year and those responsible for being able to extract his best version this year so that Kevin Larsen is being one of the most dominant players in history. recent LEB Gold League. That is why the vision of its coaches is key when it comes to being able to reel off its growth in the category.

Jorge Elorduy (RETAbet Bilbao Basket):
“He came to Bilbao for a first year in Spanish basketball and he needed an adaptation process in a highly demanding team. I think that in that sense he more than fulfilled since, from the beginning, he showed that he was a player who could be very important in many aspects of the game and that he could perfectly dominate any type of situation in the low post. I think the year in Palencia was decisive for his growth since it gave him confidence, while this last season in Lugo has been his definitive explosion by assuming a series of functions that it was suspected that he could master, but that he had not developed so far. That is making him a more complete player and a leader. If Covirán Granada wants to stop him, they will have to attack him a few seconds before, that is, complicating the pass line to the low post because, once he receives there, he is really dangerous. If they force him to move away from the basket and play facing the basket, he could lose the ability to create since he is a point guard on the court who plays with his back to the basket ”.

Carles Marco (Destination Palencia):
“Last year, upon his arrival in Palencia, he was already a dominator of the competition from the low post. He is one of those players who is not only capable of scoring himself but also has great passing vision with which he is able to find his teammates at all times. He is decisive in 1×1, but also a man capable of finding the best possible option among those around him. This year all that game has matured being at the same time an open player and with a greater shooting range to be much more difficult to defend. His effectiveness in the shot of three makes him very dangerous and gives him the possibility of playing the 1×1 from the outside, being therefore a total player for this League ”.

Javi Muñoz (Breogán River):
“We don’t discover any secrets when we say that Kevin Larsen is the best interior in a category that he has dominated for the past two years. What we have tried to achieve this season is that he could implement a much more professional character to try to train him every day at maximum performance and that this come accompanied by a body care that would allow him to be in the best possible shape. At the basketball level, we have enriched his ability to play four, we have helped him improve his shooting range and enrich little things at a technical-tactical level with which to gain confidence, being increasingly important for the team ”.

Who can stop Kevin Larsen?

Once his evolution as a player has been shelled, as well as the strengthening of his virtues, it is time to knock on the door of those who can best define what it means to have to stop Kevin Larsen. Some of the most powerful centers of a LEB Oro who, however, had to multiply their efforts on the floor this course to be able to contain their success. Because nobody better than them to know how they can stop their success in the face of the basket.

Jorge Bilbao (HLA Alicante):
“It is without a doubt the most difficult pairing in the entire League. We are talking about a very big player, who takes up a lot of space and who is very smart to know where and especially when he is going to get an advantage both to score and to assist. Larsen will always find a way to contribute regardless of whether he is more or less successful. You have to try to get him out of his comfort zones, that he has to work hard on each play and that the whole team is willing to give a hand with feints and extra help. He has a lot of quality and is in great shape, with confidence and even exterior success. Even with Bamba Fall, the whole team will have to lend a hand to stop it as much as possible ”.

Oliver Arteaga (Liberbank Oviedo): “I think there is no doubt whatsoever that he is the most decisive player in the entire competition since he is really difficult to defend. As if that were not enough, in recent years he has improved his shooting a lot and has many more records, being able to play low post, scoring from 4-5 meters, making a triple … Besides all this, he is very smart and has a great time. the ball which makes it very difficult for you to defend it with a 2×1 for example. He is able to find the player who is alone and thus generate more points for his team. It may seem obvious, but I think Covirán Granada should make him feel uncomfortable from the beginning, taking him out of the area and preventing him from scoring the first baskets because that can give him a lot of confidence ”.

Sergio de la Fuente (Sur Aspasia RVB Clinic):
“We are talking about a really decisive player in the LEB Gold League. This year he has reached his best moment of form, but the truth is that during the last three years he has shown that very few players can be at his level. This year, as if that were not enough, he has been able to grow like four and that has allowed him to share minutes with another very great player like Seydou Aboubacar, which makes the Breogán River have an inner couple of many centimeters and that is difficult to contain. In addition to dominating the low post, he is also capable of shooting three, so I think he will be decisive in the series.

Xavi Rey (Destination Palencia):
Kevin is a great player in the low post, he is able to attract a lot of attention from there and read the aids very well and distribute for his teammates since he has a great ability to pass. Covirán Granada has a very powerful inside game and they must be used thoroughly, although they can do it very well since they have three players capable of defending it perfectly. Fall, Gatell and Iriarte are big men and they have good characteristics to stop him and thus avoid excessive help from their teammates that would mean easy shots from the outside of the Breogan River ”.