ANDl Real Madrid has already closed the incorporation of Guerschon Yabusele for the next season. A signing that underpins an inside game full of centimeters and strength together with Tavares, Randolph, his compatriot Poirier and with the unknown about the possible Garuba’s future NBA still in the air.

With the signing of the power forward of 2.01 and 118 kilos of weight, Pablo Laso’s team acquires what is probably the most impressive physicist in European basketball. And not only from the Old Continent, as Jaylen Brown, a former teammate in the Celtics, who was amazed when he saw Yabusele live: “He is a beast of nature like I have never seen before. I have not seen someone so big and with that mobility”.

That force that has made him one of the most dominant inside players of the last edition of the Euroleague comes almost from the cradle. Son of an emigrant couple from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, his father soon took him into the ring seeing his large size with which he stood out in school. His father, a former professional boxer, trained the young Guerschon, who alternated sessions in the ring with soccer matches with his friends.

The sport of the basket then was unknown to him. And it was again his father who realized that his future, due to his physique, could be on the court. He was not wrong. “I used to play soccer until one day my father told me that I was very big and that he had to try basketball, that he was going to enjoy it. And that’s how I started. “

Yabusele took advantage of what he had learned with his father both on the grass and in the ring to go, little by little, building a game that surprises with the agility of his movements with his size: “The footwork and quick hands learned in boxing have helped me in basketball and you can see it now on the court when I run. I move very fast for my weight, “he said in an interview on the NBA page before landing on the Celtics.

The French Draymond

It was precisely in a test with the Boston franchise before the 2016 draft that one of the team’s technicians, Micah Shrewsberry, gave him the nickname that Yabusele liked the most, ‘The dancing bear’. A nickname he earned for his “impeccable footwork. It’s good and fun at the same time. I laugh a lot when people call me. “

Another of the nicknames with which the new acquisition of Real Madrid is known is the ‘French Draymond’ due to the similarities that some have seen between the Frenchman’s game and the Warriors player. An ‘all star’ in which he has set himself to finish exploiting a game that they will now enjoy in a Real Madrid whose internal game is already scary in Europe.

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